Replayer TV your sport in streaming

Replayer TV your sport in streaming

Replayer TV is the solution for sports clubs, active in the youth, amateur and amateur sectors, who want to create their own video streaming channel. Thanks to our innovative automated video shooting system that follows the game action with high-definition cameras installed on the playing fields and the software for planning the activities of the Sports Center, the clubs will be able to automatically record training and match videos and have them immediately available on their Replayer TV channel.

Athletes who are registered or subscribed to the Sports Center, but also their families and supporters, will be able to subscribe to the channel and thus see all the videos that the Center has made available to them, from the kids training to the most prestigious sporting event of the season.

Replayer also provides for each member a personal video area in which to store the footage they prefer for as long as they want, even when these are no longer available on the center’s video channel. Not only! Replayer users can also create their own highligts of the best actions and save them in a playlist or share them on social networks, with community members or publicly with everyone.

But the latest innovative idea of Replayer is the automated higlights, a system, which our research team is working on, which will allow us to extrapolate a selection of the most significant game actions to enjoy the spectacular events of the match in a few minutes.

Finally, even the athletes of the youth, amateur and amateur sector have at their disposal a professional tool with which they can review their performances, to improve the playing technique or even just as a memento or to show it to friends.

Furthermore, in this particular moment when it is not possible to approach the playing fields to follow the training and matches of non-professional athletes, Replayer gives us the opportunity to be really close again to the sport and athletes we love most.